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Choral Music Specialists

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Recently, our focus is increasing the ChoraLine range to include more of the major SATB work, such as the Gilbert and Sullivan repertoire and to enhance the quality of advice and service we offer to choirs when purchasing vocal scores.

We have updated our ChoraLine image to make it available to a world-wide audience and ChoraLine is now available as an MP3 file and can be downloaded from this website.

The MP3 files have been adapted so the front cover of the CD appears on the MP3 player and each individual track listing appears on the screen so it can be used with the score.

ChoraLine is our flagship product and we believe is the best Voice Part rehearsal/learning production available to choral singers.

We are firm believers that people who include music in their lives benefit in so many ways with regard their wellbeing and their overall joy of life.  We are committed to develop ideas and products which will encourage people of all ages to become involved with music and singing in a choir or playing an instrument are excellent ways to achieve this.

Many thanks indeed for your interest and please do email me if you require further information.

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