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ChoraLine Visual - A brilliant new way to learn your voice part today


We are currently working on a brand new voice part learning method  called 'ChoraLine Visual' which we plan to have ready by September for our most popular works with the remaining to follow.

ChoraLine Visual will be available as a DVD and an MP4 download file to use on your TV, computer and smart phone.  It will include the following features:

1 See the Music for Your Part
The notes for each voice part will be shown as a seperate colour and flow across your screen

2 Hear The Notes for Your Part
The melody line for your part will be played in the foreground at exactly
the pitch you need to sing

3 See the Words for Your Part
The words to sing will be under the notes for Your Part

4 Know Exactly Where You Are
A moving vertical bar indicates which notes and words to sing

5 Know When to Sing Your Part
A narrator will guide you and call out when to sing

We will update you as the work on ChoraLine Visual progresses and as soon as we have finished the first prototype we will set up for you to try and welcome your feedback.