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ChoraLine - S04 Tremough Innovation Centre - Penryn TR10 9TA - 

Why does ChoraLine help Choral Conductors?

ChoraLine recordings are learning tools, specifically created to help choral singers memorise their vocal line and practise between choir rehearsals. 
The advantages for Choral Directors are:
1  Less time is required at rehearsal for Singers to learn their notes - so more time to interperate and polish the piece
2  Ask Singers to practise challenging sections as homework.  There is a track listing on the back of the CD cover (& within the MP3 zip file) which lists the bar numbers and rehearsal letters.
3   A narrator guides Singers with 'verbal signposts' (using bar numbers and rehearsal letters) to ensure they don't get lost and to 'cue' their entry. 
4  The Singers who are less proficient at sight reading are better prepared to rehearsals
5  Singers can use as a 'pitch cue' to ensure they are singing the right notes
6  Singers can rehearse in time with the music and learn at your own pace
7  Singers know their part so well they sing with greater confidence enhancing the performance of the choir
The comments below are from members of the Association of British Choral Directors (ABCD):
"... now we encourage our singers to use ChoraLine we spend far less time just note-bashing at rehearsals"


"we love it, those who learn with your CD learn quicker and know the piece better"


"many of our singers do not have the time to sit down for ages with the score and so they use your CD in the car or while doing things around the house"


"many of our Singers pretend they are good sight readers but when questioned individually they are not.  We ask them to learn the piece with your CD and they most certainly know it far better"


"it saves us hours at rehearsal"
"... we are better prepared .... we spend less time on each part and more time practising together"
"we recommend ChoraLine to all our singers"