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ChoraLine MP3

SOPRANO                                                     ALTO
TENOR                                                        BASS
ChoraLine recordings are learning tools, specifically created to help choral singers memorise their vocal line and practise between choir rehearsals. 

On your ChoraLine MP3 file you will hear a synthetic reconstruction of the music at a neutral tempo and dynamic, featuring a voice-over that provides helpful instruction in the form of count-ins and entry cues. 

A specific ChoraLine MP3 file has been created for each voice part, represented in the foreground by the sound of a corresponding orchestral instrument; on the Soprano disc, the part is represented by the sound of solo flute. Alto is represented by the oboe, Tenor by the French Horn, and Bass by the Bassoon. Orchestral instruments, rather than real voices, are used to play the vocal lines for added clarity and to provide a wordless melody line. Decisions regarding nuances of performance, language and pronunciation - are therefore left to the discretion of your choirmaster. 

On the track listing the work is divided into sections, allowing you to skip passages and repeat others. Longer passages have been subdivided, and in such cases bar numbers have been stated on the track listing.  The track listing is included within your zip file.

If you wish to use ChoraLine items on a tablet or mobile device (eg, iPad or iPod), you must download the file to a laptop or PC / Mac computer first, before transferring the files to your mobile device.


To get the most benefit from ChoraLine recordings we suggest they are used in conjunction with the vocal score.