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ChoraLine EasyPlay

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Order Date: 31/10/2017 - 04:13PM

ChoraLine is copyright protected
please do not share or distribute any of the folders and files

EasyPlay 1 : Stream On-line
When you have internet click the play button to hear the track

EasyPlay 2 : Download INDIVIDUAL MP3 Files*
Save specific files to your PC, Laptop, Tablet & Phone
Just click where it says ‘Download mp3’ for the specific track you require.

EasyPlay 3 : Download ALL MP3 Files*
This option will trigger a simultaneous download of each file to your PC, Laptop, Tablet & Phone. On some devices there are set limits to the number of simultaneous downloads. Please use ‘EasyPlay 2’ to download any missing files.

EasyPlay 4 :Download a ZIP folder*
This ZIP Folder contains all the mp3 files, front cover image & back cover track listing. The device you download to requires software (eg Winzip) to open the folder

*PLEASE NOTE : Apple devices, iPhones & iPad tablets, have restricted download capability due to iOS security applied by Apple. If you find this to be the case please use EasyPlay 1 or download to your PC or Laptop, move the mp3 files into iTunes and sync across to your Tablet & Phone.

Handel - Messiah Sample - ‘EasyPlay’ Stream & Download

Download .ZIP Folder - EasyPlay 4
Download All MP3 Files - EasyPlay 3