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ChoraLine - S04 Tremough Innovation Centre - Penryn TR10 9TA - 

Rehearsal CDs for Choral Singers

20,000 Choral Singers use ChoraLine to Help Learn their Notes so They Accurately Sing their Vocal Part

ChoraLine rehearsal CD are learning tools, specifically created to help choral singers memorise their notes and practise between choir rehearsals.

A specific recording has been made to learn the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass parts for over 120 Choral Works.

It is the attention to detail and high quality of the rehearsal CD (produced by a top BBC sound engineer) which makes ChoraLine such a pleasure to use:

  • A narrator calls out when to sing and 'cues' your entry

  • Each voice is represented by an instrument (soprano/flute, alto/oboe, tenor/French horn, bass/bassoon) making it very easy to learn your notes

  • A narrator guides you with 'verbal signposts' so you don't get lost

  • ChoraLine highlights your part clearly and prominently

  • Hear and assimilate your notes so they become second nature to sing

  • Rehearse in time with the music and learn at your own pace

Use the balance control on your stereo (or the graphic equaliser on your computer) to enhance or diminish your voice part.  Have your vocal line quite loud to start with and when you feel you know your part, test yourself by turning it right down.  The 'verbal signposts', other parts and backing music remains audible at the normal level on the rehearsal cd.

  • High Sound Quality - produced by BBC Sound Engineer

  • Easy To Use - a narrator calls out when to sing

  • Don't Get Lost - a narrator calls out bar numbers

  • Be Pitch Perfect - clearly hear the notes for your part

  • Learn At Your Own Pace - rehearse in time with the music 

  • Vocal Entry - use as a 'pich cue' for when you come in

Be Fully Prepared - sing with more confidence 

"I would just like to let you know how useful I found your wonderful rehearsal CDs.  Our choir is working on 'Israel in Egypt' at the moment and I am using your rehearsal CD for this as I have done for our previous six concerts"

We have listed below all the rehearsal CDs and rehearsal MP3 download files (now available with ChoraLine EasyPlay) we have made to learn the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass parts.

Please click here to see the whole ChoraLine range and then hold your mouse over 'Filter by Composer' and click on the name of the composer for the work you are singing.