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VAT - When is this applied?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is applied on certain items and services within the UK and parts of Europe.
VAT is currently 20%. 

The receipt sent with your order will show how much VAT is applied to each item.

VAT is not applied to Vocal Scores, Sheet Music and Books.

VAT does apply to ChoraLine CDs and MP3 downloads, Singing Sets, Performance CDs, Box Sets, Choir Folders and Musical Gifts.

If an item, which does have VAT applied, is ordered by a customer in a country where VAT would not be applicable, the item is not reduced by the amount of VAT.  

We looked at many ways of how we could address the issue of VAT for overseas customers, but with so many products in our range it always became a major logistical problem with some items which did not have VAT applied (Vocal Scores for example) and some which do.

We therefore took the decision to compensate our overseas customers by keeping the cost as low as possible for overseas postage and packaging.