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SUMMER SCHOOL - The Self Isolation Choir

The Self Isolation Choir has been specially formed in response to the global impact of the Coronavirus - Singers from around the world can join and take part in the events and activities organised by the choir in their own home. 

- open to singers all around the world -

- special ChoraLine discount -




Led by our Musical Director Ben England we will explore a range of choral pieces with the teaching sessions broadcast live on YouTube during the daytime (British time) and saved for you to watch as often as you like.


Week 1 (22nd to 26th June) A John Rutter Celebration

Week 2 (20th to 24th July) The Splendour of Church Anthems & Quanta Qualia

Week 3 (17th to 21st August) Vivaldi Gloria


The timetable for each week will be:


Monday (Whole Choir) 10am - WELCOME

Monday (Soprano) from 11am to 12.30pm & 3.30pm to 5pm

Tuesday (Alto) from 11am to 12.30pm & 3.30pm to 5pm

Wednesday (Tenor) from 11am to 12.30pm & 3.30pm to 5pm

Thursday (Bass) from 11am to 12.30pm & 3.30pm to 5pm

Friday (Whole Choir) from 11am to 12.30pm FULL REHEARSAL

Friday (Whole Choir) from 3.30pm to 5pm FULL PERFORMANCE



The cost for the Summer School is £49.99.

ChoraLine Discount. If you type CHORALINE into the discount code box the cost is reduced to £44.99.


Vocal Scores

A John Rutter Celebration & Quanta Qualia

Once you have signed up for the Summer School you can purchase these for £10.90


Church Anthems (Zadok The Priest, I Was Glad, Bluebird, Ave Maris Stella) & Vivaldi Gloria

Once you have signed up there will be digital scores for you to print at no additional cost.

If you would prefer to have a proper score please click the links on the music below to purchase from Presto Music:



ChoraLine Rehearsal Recordings for Summer School

50% discount for The Self isolation Choir Summer School.

Type ISOLATION in the discount code box & click the green arrow on the right hand side of the box to activate.


Please click the links below to hear a sample and purchase the rehearsal recording for your voice part:

Following your purchase you can use the rehearsal recordings on your Phone/Tablet via the ChoraLine App and you will also receive an email with a blue link to click to use on your PC/Laptop with EasyPlay.



How to Sign Up for The Summer School

Please click here to join and dont forget your CHORALINE discount!


If you have any specific questions about the Summer School please email Mark Strachan


Week One: 22nd - 26th June

A John Rutter Celebration

John Rutter will introduce himself and the workshop piece through a pre-recorded video online. 

Ben England will hold live online rehearsals for each voice part (3 hours per part) throughout the week, and a full rehearsal on Friday morning culminating in a performance of all the works on the Friday afternoon.

All the sessions will be saved and accessed as many times as you like, including the final performance.

Specially recorded piano backing tracks for each work will be available to download and use as part of your summer school membership. 

  • The Lord Bless You And Keep You
  • For the Beauty of the Earth
  • A Clare Benediction
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful
  • A Gaelic Blessing and Amen (from 3 Choral Amen)


Week Two: 20th - 24th July

The Splendour Of Church Anthems

& Quanta Qualia


Ben England will teach Handel’s wonderful “Zadok The Priest”, Parry’s uplifting “I was Glad”, Stanford’s hauntingly beautiful “Bluebird”, Grieg’s melodic “Ave Maris Stella” and our special guest presenter Patrick Hawes will introduce his own composition “Quanta Qualia” which has often been in the ClassicFM Hall of Fame.

The original version for solo soprano and SATB choir appeared on Patrick’s debut album Blue in Blue in 2004. It was subsequently recorded by Hayley Westenra for her Number-One-selling album Odyssey and, in 2014, Patrick was approached by the brilliant Voces8 choir to produce a version for them and alto saxophone which featured on their Number-One-selling album Eventide.

The words are written by Patrick’s brother, the poet and librettist Andrew Hawes.  They express a heartfelt longing for the joys of heaven - a happiness to be shared in a future moment of meeting.  The ecstasy of this moment of meeting is underlined by the repetition of key words ‘mane’, ‘gaudia’ and ‘conventus’ deepening the intensity of the yearning for bliss. During the current pandemic when we are all isolated from friends and loved ones, the words take on an added poignancy: “O how great and how wonderful the joys of meeting will be”.


Week Three: 17th to 21st August

Vivaldi Gloria


The Self-Isolation Summer School concludes with the stunning Gloria by Vivaldi. Ben will teach the work in individual part rehearsals, culminating in a full performance at the end of the week.


Please scroll down for help with learning Vivaldi's Gloria 



How to use ChoraLine Rehearsal Recordings

When singing at home please remember to warm up your voice correctly

 - please click here for a special recording specifically for this purpose.


1.  In your vocal score use a pencil to highlight your SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) voice part words & notes.

2.  Play the recording following your highlighted words with your finger.

3.  Play again following your highlighted notes with your finger.

4.  Play again singing your words at the same pitch as the prominent ‘instrument’ or 'singer'.

5.  A Narrator will guide you throughout - calling out when to sing and bar numbers just in case you loose your place


How to Purchase a ChoraLine Rehearsal Aid & Receive the Special 50% Discount:

Step 1

Please click here to go to page for Vivaldi Gloria

Step 2

Click in the circle by Your Voice Part:  eg. Alto

Step 3

Click in the circle: ‘EasyPlay'

Step 4

Click ‘Add To Basket’

Step 5

On the Shopping Basket page, type ISOLATION into the discount code box & click the green arrow on the right hand side of the box to activate and see your 50% saving.

Step 6

Complete your purchase

Step 7

You will receive an email with a blue link to click and use the ‘EasyPlay’ recording on your PC/Laptop.

Please click this link for tips on using EasyPlay

Step 8

The rehearsal recording will also upload into the Purchased Music section in the App.

Please click this link to learn how to install and use the App


Track Listing - View & Print

It is very useful to have a printed list of all the tracks on your ChoraLine Voice Part Rehearsal Recording so you can make notes and tick them off as you rehearse. 

Please click on your SATB voice part to view and print:




Learn/Rehearse with the ChoraLine App


The ChoraLine App is for Apple Devices (iPhones & iPads) & Android Phones and Tablets.

The App is easy to use and includes special functions:

  • Loop – rehearse the same part over and over
  • Speed – slow the recording down 
  • Voice Balance – enhance or reduce the voice part instrument.
  • ‚ÄčDownloads - use when there is no WiFi 
  • Timeline - shows exactly where you are 
  • Red Dot - drag to move around the recording 


The App includes the following recordings to learn and sing Vivaldi Gloria:

  • Alto part played at the perfect pitch on a flute
  • Soprano part played at the perfect pitch on an oboe
  • Tenor part played at the perfect pitch on a french horn
  • Bass part played at the perfect pitch on a bassoon

Please click here to learn how to install the App



Learn/Rehearse - for PCs & Laptops


Please click on the links below to purchase the rehearsal recording:



ChoraLine CDs

Please click on the link below to purchase a ChoraLine CD from Presto Music: