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Vocal Scores - Anthems

Pike, L Tudor Anthems - Fifty Motets And Anthems For Mixed-Voice Choir NOVELLO

VSA6 NOV881000
Vocal Scores - Anthems

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Title: Tudor Anthems - Fifty Motets And Anthems For Mixed-Voice Choir

Editor: Pike, Lionel

Arrangement: SATB, Piano Accompaniment (SATB/PFA)

Media: Sheet Music

Edition Type: Vocal Score

Language: English

Pages: 400

Category: Vocal & Choral » Choral » SATB

Publisher: Novello & Co

Catalogue Number: MUSNOV881000

Catalogue Number: 9781847729743

Catalogue Number: NOV881000

ISBN: 9781847729743 (1847729746)

Date Published: 1 Jan 2000


Tudor and Stuart monarchs reigned during a period of political and ecclesiastical turmoil, out of which occurred profound developments in musical style. Tudor Anthems , (the term loosely applied to cover the years 1520 to 1640) anthologises some of the finest English musical works of that era. It includes sacred works of various lengths and standards of difficulty for mixed voice choir, accompanied and unaccompanied, by an array of composers, including Byrd, Dering, Gibbons, Morley, Mundy, Parsons, Philips, Smith, Taverner and Tomkins. A comprehensive collection and indispensable resource for any choir's library, prepared in an easily understood performing edition by Lionel Pike. "This is an excellent book. It offers variety, the familiar and the less so, all levels of difficulty, and excellent value. Choirs who invest in a set could cover this aspect of their repertoire for years to come." Andrew Gant (Choir & Organ - March/April 2011) "A new Tudor anthem anthology will inevitably invite comparison with the popular Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems , but Lionel Pike's collection largely avoids overlap with the OUP book, and its contents certainly do not disappoint." Matthew O'Donovan (Early Music Today - March/May 2011) "For many choirs and choral societies the Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems has been a standard source for this wonderful repertoire since it was first published in 1978. This new edition from Novello is now a serious competitor (why have we had to wait so long!). At almost the same price as the OUP volume and with 50 anthems (OUP had 34), this anthology is remarkable value for money. Before considering the contents, it is worth mentioning its weight. My choir complains at holding the New Church Anthem Book and this is the same weight as the NCAB paperback (i.e. over a kilogram) and almost A4 in size. Lionel Pike, former Professor of Music at the Royal Holloway in London, provides an eclectic mix of the well known and the more obscure, but all the music here, from 29 composers in total, merits inclusion. Even if you have some of the better-known works in your choir library there is sufficient unfamiliar repertoire to recommend investing in a copy. There are 13 pieces in four parts (10 of these SATB), 21 in five parts, 14 in six parts and one each in seven and eight parts. All have a keyboard reduction except John Dowland’s An heart that’s broken and contrite which has a lute part. At two pages, this is the shortest piece in the book (O clap your hands by Gibbons is the longest at 32 pages). A small point, but it would have been useful to have an indication of the voicing of each piece in the index or at the head of each work. This is an edition made by a fine scholar. The editorial notes describe in detail each source used, but do not provide a commentary of differences between these and other sources. Notes indicate for which season or occasion in the church year each anthem might be suitable, and from Issue 55 we have listed some of them in Sunday by Sunday (using the abbreviation TAN). The editor has modernized the spelling of English texts. Generations have sung Rejoice in the Lord alway and so I wonder if his version ‘always’ is an editorial change or is in his original source? This is one of the most exciting anthologies to have come my way for some time."


Table of Contents

  1. Adolescentulus Sum Ego [Mundy, William]
  2. Agnus Dei [Morley, Thomas]
  3. Almighty God Which Hast Me Brought [Ford, Thomas]
  4. Almighty God, The Fountain Of All Wisdom [Tomkins, Thomas]
  5. Almighty God, Who By The Leading Of A Star [Bull, John]
  6. An Heart That's Broken And Contrite [Dowland, John]
  7. And The King Was Moved [Dering, Richard]
  8. Appropinquet Deprecacio Mea [White, Robert]
  9. Audivi Vocem De Coelo [Tallis, Thomas]
  10. Ave Maria [Philips, Peter]
  11. Credo Quod Redemptor Meus Vivit [Parsons, Robert]
  12. Dum Transisset Sabbatum [Taverner, John]
  13. Exaudiat Te Dominus [White, Robert]
  14. Gaudent In Coelis [Philips, Peter]
  15. God, Which As On This Day [Giles, Nathaniel]
  16. Great King Of Gods [Gibbons, Orlando]
  17. Hear My Prayer, O God [Batten, Adrian]
  18. Hosanna To The Son Of David [Weelkes, Thomas]
  19. How Are The Mighty Fallen [Ramsey, Robert]
  20. I Will Sing Unto The Lord [Amner, John]
  21. I Will Wash My Hands In Innocency [Smith, William]
  22. In Ieiunio Et Fletu [Tallis, Thomas]
  23. In Manus Tuas, Domine [Sheppard, John]
  24. In Pace, In Idipsum Dormiam [Blitheman, John]
  25. In The Departure Of The Lord [Bull, John]
  26. Laboravi In Gemitu Meo [Morley, Thomas]
  27. Laudibus In Sanctis [Byrd, William]
  28. Man Dream No More [Peerson, Martin]
  29. Mater Christi Sanctissima [Taverner, John]
  30. My Shepherd Is The Living Lord [Tomkins, Thomas]
  31. Ne Irascaris Domine/Civitas Sancti Tui/ O Lord, Turn Away Thy Wrath/Bow Thine Ear [Byrd, William]
  32. O Clap Your Hands Together [Gibbons, Orlando]
  33. O God, The Rock Of My Whole Strength [Wilbye, John]
  34. O Lord, Arise Into Thy Resting-Place [Weelkes, Thomas]
  35. O Lord, Give Thy Holy Spirit [Tallis, Thomas]
  36. O Sing Joyfully [Batten, Adrian]
  37. Out From The Deep [Tailour, Robert]
  38. Out Of The Deep [Morley, Thomas]
  39. Quem Vidistis, Pastores [Dering, Richard]
  40. Rejoice In The Lord Always [Anonymous]
  41. Salve Regina [Philips, Peter]
  42. See, See, The Word Is Incarnate [Gibbons, Orlando]
  43. Siderum Rector [Byrd, William]
  44. Then David Mourned [Tomkins, Thomas]
  45. Traditor Autem [Anonymous]
  46. Viae Sion Lugent [Anonymous]
  47. Vox In Rama Audita Est [Kirbye, George]
  48. When Israel Came Out Of Egypt [East, Michael]
  49. When Jesus Sat At Meat [Nicholson, Richard]
  50. When The Lord Turned Again [Batten, Adrian]

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