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CHORALINE:  EasyPlay (PC - Laptop - Phone - iPAD)

New ChoraLine APP

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TIPS for the ChoraLine App


Please click here if you wish to watch a video on how to use the App



Step 1 : Please visit the ChoraLine App website.

(i) Click on the link to the App Store or Play Store.

(ii) Install and Open the App on your device.


Step 2 : The App will open on the page ‘SING YOUR NOTES PERFECTLY’ and you can now:

(i) 'Join' the App (you MUST ‘Join’ before you try to ‘Log in’)

(ii) Click on your verification email sent to your email in-box (always check your spam folders)

(iii) 'Log in' to the App

After you ‘log in’ you will go to the ChoraLine Shop page.


Use the App on Multiple Devices

  1. For each device please ensure you ‘Join’ and ‘Log in’ with exactly the same email address and password.
  2. Purchase on any device and look in the PURCHASED MUSIC section to see all your ChoraLine rehearsal recordings.
  3. The tracks will always be in the correct order in the PURCHASED MUSIC section on all devices.
  4. You can move the tracks into the ‘Download’ section to use with no WiFi.
  5. In the ‘Downloads’ section you are storing the tracks in the memory of the specific device.


ChoraLine Shop

The App opens on the ‘ChoraLine Shop’ page where you can access all pages by clicking the Menu (3 lines on the top left of the screen).

The Shop has images of all the composers - please click on the image to see a full list of the choral works for this composer.


How to Purchase a ChoraLine Rehearsal Recording from the ChoraLine Shop

  1. Please click on the image of the composer, select the choral work you wish to learn, select your voice part and complete the purchase. Cost per purchase is £9.99.
  2. All your purchases will be stored in the ‘Purchased Music’ section - so please treat this as a ‘library’ of all your ChoraLine rehearsal recordings – they will never be removed and will update every time you click ‘Purchased Music


How to Obtain a Refund

  1. App Store Refunds: All purchases with Apple are via your Apple account, please click here on how to apply for a refund.
  2. Google Play Store Refund: Please email with your name, email and date of purchase.


How to Use a ChoraLine Rehearsal Recording

  1. We recommend the recordings are used in conjunction with your vocal score.
  2. Highlight your words and notes in your vocal score so they stand out on the page.
  3. Play the rehearsal recording (use headphones if you can) all the way through following the highlighted notes with your finger.
  4. Play again following your highlighted words with your finger.
  5. Sing your words at the same pitch as the prominent ‘instrument’ when given your cue by the narrator.

ChoraLine Rehearsal Recordings ‘With Instrument’ & ‘With Singer’

  1. ‘With Instrument’ Your voice part notes are played at the perfect pitch on an instrument (Soprano/Flute, Alto/Oboe, Tenor/French horn, Bass/Bassoon). Available for all rehearsal recordings.
  2. ‘With Singer’ Your words are sung by a singer. Available for Handel Messiah, Faure Requiem, Mozart Requiem, The Armed Man & Carmina Burana.

How to Use with No WiFi

  1. Use in the ‘Downloads’ section via the Menu.
  2. When you play in the ‘Purchased Music’ section it automatically goes into ‘Downloads’.
  3. You can also click the down arrow in the ‘Purchased Music’ section to go to ‘Downloads’ – please wait for the message confirming ‘download’ before clicking the arrow for the next track.

Tracks in the Wrong Order in the Downloads Section

  1. Check the Tracks are in the Correct Order in the ‘Purchased Music’ section - please see below to print off a track listing of your rehearsal recording – you can play the music from the Purchased Music section when you have WiFi.
  2. In the ‘Downloads’ section, click the ‘Edit’ button (top right of screen) to delete all the tracks in downloads.
  3. Go to ‘Purchased Music’ and click the ‘download arrow’ but you MUST wait for the message confirming ‘download’ before clicking the arrow for the next track.

How to Print off a Track Listing of Your Rehearsal Recording

  1. Bach to Gounod – click here
  2. Handel & Haydn – click here
  3. Jenkins to Rutter – click here
  4. Schubert to Walton – click here

How to Use the Special Functions in the App when playing the Rehearsal Recording

  1. Red Dot – drag to precisely where you want to hear the recording.
  2. Timeline – shows exactly where you are on the recording for reference.
  3. Loop – Click the arrows, bottom left under the timer, to rehearse over and over.
  4. Speed – Click the cog icon, top right, to slow the recording down.
  5. Voice Balance – Click the cog icon and then slide the red dot the enhance or reduce the voice part instrument.

Vocal Exercises are Available on the App

  1. Graded vocal exercises to acquire good singing habits.
  2. Warm up your voice before rehearsing with ChoraLine rehearsal recordings.
  3. Excellent to play in the car on the way to rehearsal or your concert.
  4. Please click here for further details and to hear a sample.

 Free Gifts section on ChoraLine Shop Page

  1. A Guide on how to Sing Your Notes Perfectly!
  2. German Pronunciation Recording for Bach St Matthews Passion . Please click here for the PDF booklet which accompanies the recording.
  3. German Pronunciation Recording for Brahms German Requiem. Please click here for the PDF booklet which accompanies the recording.
  4. Bernstein Chichester Psalms, Hebrew reading.
  5. Learn Handel Messiah.