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Bach Mass in B Minor Vocal Score

J.S. Bach
The Mass in B minor (BWV 232) is a musical setting of the complete Latin Mass by Johann Sebastian Bach. The work was one of Bach's last, although much of it was made of music that Bach had composed earlier. Bach assembled the Mass in its present form in 1749, just before his death in 1750. The Sanctus of the Mass in B minor dates back to 1724 (and the model for one parody even to 1714). The Kyrie and Gloria had been composed as a Lutheran Missa in 1733 for Dresden. To complete the work, however, Bach composed new sections of the Credo such as Et incarnatus est. These were his last major compositions. 

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It was unusual for composers working in the Lutheran tradition to compose a Missa tota and Bach's motivations remain a matter of scholarly debate. The Mass was never performed in Bach's lifetime, and the work largely disappeared in the 18th century. Several performances in the early nineteenth century, however, sparked a revival both of the piece and the larger rediscovery of Bach's music. Today, it is widely hailed as a monumental work of the late Baroque and is frequently performed.

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