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FREE ChoraLine Download Trial

Try a Download for Free

If you are new to downloading zip files we have put together a 'step by step' guide which you can print off by clicking the link below:


Please click here to download a PDF file showing Step by Step instructions for Windows with screen pictures of each stage on how to download your ChoraLine MP3 file

Please click here for download tips for Apple (Mac) Computers and Laptops


If you wish to use ChoraLine on a Tablet (iPad, Air Nexus etc) or mobile device (android phone) this is fine but you will need an 'App' called WinZip to open the zip file.


You can experiment with downloading a ChoraLine zip file for FREE by downloading Karl Jenkins's Gloria

Once you have mastered the download process, the whole ChoraLine catalogue of over 120 of the major choral works are available at the touch of a button.


Once your file is downloaded, navigate to the folder of the downloaded file. The icon may vary slightly depending on your operating system, but the file will look like a folder with a zip on the front.

Double click the file, and the zip contents will display. Even though you can open the files and use them in the same way you would any other files in a folder, the files are all still compressed.

If you want to save your MP3s into 'iTunes', 'Windows Media Player' or any other media centre playlists, you will need to extract the files.

There are different ways to do this:


There are two ways to extract the files. You can right click on the zip file icon, and select 'Extract All'. A dialogue box will appear asking where you want to save your files. Simply give the files a home and your files are extracted.

If you prefer to use the file explorer to navigate your hard drive, double click the zip icon, highlight the files you wish to extract (holding ctrl and select all files). Right click and select copy, or hold ctrl and c. Navigate to the folder you want to save the files to, right click and select paste, or hold ctrl and v.

Creating playlists

Again this is dependent on your operating system and your choice of media player, but there are several ways to add the files to your library. 

In iTunes, simply select 'all files' and drag them into the library window. 

Windows Media Player operates on a similar principle, in that you drag all files in to create a playlist. Simply use the library settings to make sure your folders are being indexed.