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ChoraLine Pronounciation Guides

As part of the ChoraLine learning and rehearsal collection, we are creating a range of pronunciation guides, available on CD or as mp3 downloadable file format, specifically designed to help singers and conductors learn, and correctly pronounce, the foreign language texts in the choral repertoire.

The complete range of high-quality pronunciation guides will provide instruction on various German, French, Italian and Latin texts. Narrated by qualified language and singing teachers, the pronunciation guides will be made to the highest quality by our very own expert and ex-BBC sound engineer.

Currently in production will be the first in the range with German pronunciation recordings on the following major texts:

  • Brahms: German Requiem - now available, please click here
  • Haydn: The Creation (Die Schopfung) and The Seasons (Die Jahreszeiten)
  • Bach: Christmas Oratorio (Weihnachts-Oratorium), St Matthew Passion (Matthaus-Passion), St John Passion (Johannes-Passion), Motets 1-6, Magnificat
  • Beethoven: Choral (9th) Symphony
  • Mendelssohn: Elijah (Elias), St Paul (Paulus)

The Benefits of ChoraLine Pronunciation Guides

The guides are designed to be useful to both amateur and professional singers.

The accompanying guidebook covers the entire text of the choral work with a word-for-word translation.  Word stresses and inflections are indicated clearly, and International Phonetic Symbols (IPA) are used to show important vowel sounds and consonants.  An easy-to-use colour-coded chart  will  help you familiarise yourself with the sounds and their IPA symbols.  (IPA symbols are recognised world-wide and are compatible with most dictionaries). 

On the CD/mp3 the complete text of the work is spoken with the same inflections and word-stresses as the sung text, with pauses after each phrase for repetition. The CD includes a general introduction to the language, as well as helpful advice on practicing those difficult consonants and vowel sounds.

With the help of ChoraLine Pronunciation Guides  you  will be well on your way to learning the text with accuracy, helping you sing with greater confidence and enjoyment.

Collaborating with Experts

Narrating our ChoraLine German Rehearsal Guides is qualified vocal coach and singing teacher Norbert Meyn

Norbert Meyn

A professional singer, Norbert received training in his native Germany and later at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.  He has many years of experience as a soloist and choral singer, and currently teaches German Lieder, opera and diction at both The Guildhall and at the Royal College of Music. He also enjoys working as a language coach for the BBC singers and Symphony Chorus, as well as EMI, Deutche Grammaphon, Harmonia Mundi and Hyperion record labels. 

ChoraLine Pronunciation Guides - Future Projects

ChoraLine projects currently under consideration include English pronunciation guides to help non-English speakers learn the texts for works such as Handel’s Messiah, and Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas.