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How To Attract New Singers To Join Your Choir

This one of the most frequest questions we are asked and we are pleased to outlne a suggestion below:


1.  Set a concert date for your choir to sing Handel's Messiah.

2.   Set a date several months before for an 'New Singers Welcome' evening to sing selected choruses from Messiah'. 

3.   You then do all the marketing you can - word of mouth to family and friends, posters, banners, social media etc. - to attract as many people to come to your 'New Singers Welcome' evening. 

4.   At this very friendly 'New Singers Welcome' evening, also attended by your existing singers, you inroduce the new people to the joys of singing together and encourage them to come to the rehearsals for the forthcoming Messiah concert. 


Alay their concerns ...

The biggest concern for most people thinking about joining a choir is they 'can't read music'.You have to allay thee fears from the very start by printing off and handing out the PDF leaflet below which is titled,

"You don't need to read music to sing with our choir"

this is a step by step guide on how to learn with everything on the ChoraLine App



step 1


Please see the ChoraLine 'step by step guide below which you can print off and give out to new singers to allay these fears:


Learning to be a Choral Singer with 'Choral Clinic'







To put some detail around this please see the step by step guide below:





This is a three pronged strategy!



This is always the most successful but does need