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Rutter Requiem Vocal Score

Rutter, with catVocal Scores for Rutter's Requiem

The Requiem by John Rutter is a musical setting of an adaptation of the Roman Catholic Requiem Mass, completed in 1985

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The OUP edition of Rutter's Requiem is in English for SATB

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Catalogue Number: OUP193380707


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The Requiem by John Rutter is a musical setting of an adaptation of the Roman Catholic Requiem Mass, completed in 1985. The piece is a very lyrical choral piece with an orchestral accompaniment. The piece contains many dissonant chords which are very popular in modern choral music. The Requiem was first performed on 13 October 1985 at Lovers' Lane United Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas (Director of Music: Allen Pote) by the Sanctuary Choir and orchestra. Movements 1, 2, 4, and 7 were first performed on the 14th of March 1985 at Fremont Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, California (Minister of Music: Mel Olson) by the Sanctuary Choir and ensemble. Both performances were conducted by the composer. "The Lord is my Shepherd" was originally written in 1976 as a separate anthem

The first movement consists of the Introit from the Tridentine Requiem Mass (Requiem aeternam) and the Kyrie.

The second movement is entitled Out of the Deep, and is based on Psalm 130, a psalm commonly used at Anglican funerals. It contains a prominent cello solo written in C minor.

The third movement is the motet Pie Jesu. It begins with a lyrical soprano soloist singing with a very light accompaniment, with only slight involvement of the chorus echoing the words "Dona eis requiem, Dona eis sempiternam requiem".

The fourth movement is the Sanctus (with Benedictus) and, characteristically, it is a bright, lively, and exclamatory movement which is brightly orchestrated with bells, flute, and oboe and occasional timpani recalling the passage in Old Testament scripture in Isaiah chapter 6, and the worship of the six-winged seraphim in the heavenly throne-room of God.

The fifth movement is the Agnus Dei in the version used in the Tridentine Requiem Mass.

The sixth movement is Psalm 23, another psalm commonly used at Anglican funerals.

The seventh movement includes words from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer Burial Service ("I heard a voice from heaven...") and the communion chant from the Tridentine Requiem Mass (Lux aeterna).

The work lasts about 40 minutes.

For further information of Rutter's Requiem, please click here to visit the Wikipedia website



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