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ChoraLine - Rehearsal CD & EasyPlay (Download & App)


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ChoraLine - Rehearsal CD & EasyPlay (Download & App)
To hear a sample please click below







If you wish to hear a longer sample (On YouTube) please click here SOPRANO  ALTO  TENOR  BASS


Track Listing - if you are using EasyPlay it can be helpful to print off a 'Track List' to see which 'Bar Numbers' and 'Movements' are covered by each specific track.  Please click on your voice part to view and print  SOPRANO  ALTO TENOR  BASS


Special Tip!

If you order 'EasyPlay' you will receive an email with a blue link to click to use on your PC/Laptop and the rehearsal recording will also upload into the PURCHASED MUSIC section in the ChoraLine App.

Please click here  to watch a video on how to use the App and a 'step by step' guide on how to set up on your Phone and Tablet.



How to order

1.   Please click in the circle above by your voice part

      (Alto  Bass  Soprano  Tenor) at the top of this page just below the price

2.   Choose a CD  or  EasyPlay

3.   Click   Add to Basket for EasyPlay

4.  Click Buy From Presto Music for a CD



How to learn your choral voice part - Free 'step by step' guide

Free PDF Download Introduction - Step by Step Guide - Explanation of Choral Terms -




EasyPlay (Stream/Download) Free Trial

Please Click Here


EasyPlay (Stream/Download) Tips on how to use

Please Click Here




ChoraLine : Quick and Easy way to memorise your vocal line and practise between choir rehearsals


Know Your Notes Perfectly

Enhance Your Enjoyment when Singing

Learn With The Music

Shine In Your Choir

Sing With Confidence






 ChoraLine EasyPlay

Specifically developed to use right away on your:

PC & Laptop

Tablet & Phone 


Play (Stream) On-Line

Download Whole Work

Download Movements


Try a Free EasyPlay Sample (1st Movement in Handel Messiah)



If you choose EasyPlay you will be sent an email with a link to a page exactly like the Free Sample but for this piece of music and will also upload into the PURCHASED MUSIC section in the App.

You can use EasyPlay as many times as you wish and on as many different devices as you wish just by clicking on the link in your email and you can use the App on all your devices (Phone & Tablet).




Over 20,000 Singers Use ChoraLine Every Year



High Quality made by BBC Sound Engineer

Easy To Use narrator calls out when to sing

Don't Get Lost narrator calls out bar numbers

Be Pitch Perfect hear the notes for your part

Learn At Your Own Pace sing with the music 

Vocal Entry pitch cue for when you come in

Be Fully Prepared Sing with confidence


"Thank you for your wonderful Choraline"

"I am delighted with my rehearsal CD"

"I love learning with ChoraLine, thank you again"

"I must compliment you"

"Well done for a superb service"

"I have told everyone about your brilliant ChoraLine"

"We now have 22 of your CDs!" 


Our Guarantee to You

We will refund your payment in full if you are not entirely happy with using ChoraLine to help learn the music you are singing - just email and we will ensure you are refunded in full right away with absolutley no fuss whatsoever


Best wishes from us all at ChoraLine



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