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Tenor Part Handel Messiah




25,000 Choral Singers use ChoraLine Every Year

To Help Learn Their Choral Part



Sing Your Notes Perfectly

"Since I have been using ChoraLine, I sing with more confidence and experience

a higher level of achievement and enjoyment"


Please click on your voice part to try a free EasyPlay sample which is the first movement from Handel Messiah





Choral music has specific notes and words written for each SATB Voice Part(Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)

and these are shown on seperate lines in the sheet music called a vocal score:


Image result for vocal scores SATB choral example


To really enjoy singing in your choir you need to learn and rehearse your SATB Voice Part so you are singing the right words at the right pitch at precisely the right time.



Choral directors are very appreciative when singers have taken the time to learn their voice parts as this means they can focus on directing the whole choir rather than spending valuable rehearsal time on teaching individual sections their words and notes.

It does take time and dedication to know your part well and ChoraLine makes this an enjoyable way to achieve this aim.



We have put together a free guide called 'Learning Your Voice Part' which you can read and print off now if you wish:

Free PDF Download  HOW TO LEARN YOUR VOICE PART   Introduction - Step by Step Guide - Explanation of Choral Terms


The more confident you are in your voice part

the more you contribute to your choir



ChoraLine is available on a premium CD and

EasyPlay to use right away on your phone, tablet, laptop and PC.


Please click on your voice part to try a free EasyPlay sample which is the first movement from Handel Messiah



Please continue reading down the page to find out about our
which has been specially made to learn to sing your choir part in Handel Mesiah:


Why have we made ‘3 Steps to Sing’?

We often hear from people who say they would love to sing in a choir but hesitate because they are concerned they cannot ‘read’ music.

Our aim was to create a method so anyone can learn the words and notes at home and feel so much more confident before singing with a choir. 

We chose Handel’s Messiah as this was by far the most popular piece of music people wished to learn to sing


Please click below to view a sample of Step 1



The joy of using ‘3 Steps to Sing’ is you just put the disc into your DVD player/Computer and start singing right away!

You see the words and notes change colour exactly in time as the Tenor part is sung by a professional singer who is a real pleasure to hear – and you just join in!

No need for hours of learning the words ‘parrot fashion’, no need for ‘note-bashing’ trying to work out what pitch to sing and no more having to guess the tempo of the music.

You will be amazed how quickly you learn and before long you are singing the words at the right pitch in harmony with the professional singer. No need to worry about the tempo and what the notes mean as you are learning both without even knowing it!

Of course there are some tricky bits which need more practice but even these you will find you learn pretty quickly by just going over several times until they become second nature to sing.

We believe this is such an easy way to learn because both ‘sight’ and ‘hearing’ are stimulated at exactly the same time so the ‘brain’ learns intuitively. It really does become quite addictive with the tune in your head and you sing all day!

Once you feel you know your part you can also practice by turning off the singers voice (using the DVD/Computer menu options) but you still hear the music and sing as the words and notes change colour.



You will need a vocal score of Handel Messiah to use in conjunction with your CD.

It is helpful to work through the vocal score marking the Tenor part with a highlighter.

A narrator guides you when to sing and calls out bar numbers and rehearsal letters so you don’t get lost.

This is a great way to rehearse and ensure you are singing the right ‘pitch’ for the Tenor words and to rehearse using the vocal score.




Listen for the Tenor line and join in.

We are delighted with the feedback we have received to date:

"Absolutely brilliant! It is so easy to use and the voice of the singer is so clear to listen to"

"We love the  DVD and have it on all the time .... we show it to everyone who comes and they all start singing ... it really is quite addictive"

"We love your new '3 Steps to Sing', please, please make these for other choral works"

Please click here to order '3 Steps to Sing Tenor' for Region 1 DVD Players (US, US Territories and Canada)