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Your Advice and Ideas Please

We are currently  in the process of putting together a download PDF library available for everyone and anyone interested in Choral Music.

We know our customer base contains a tremendous wealth of experience in choral music, and we would like to benefit from your expertise to help us to keep improving our service.  Some possible questions for your consideration are shown below to get you started, but please do write to us about anything you feel would be of value or of interest.

Which pieces of music worked well for your choir?

Which music worked well together for as part of a concert programme?

Which choral works would you recommend for a choir new to singing SATB?

Do you have any specific tips can you give to other choirs?

Any ideas and advice you would like to pass on?

Tell us about your experiences in Choral Music.

Any ideas for our Newsletter?

You can copy and paste into the form below - (it looks tiny but can take any amount of content), or write to us with any of your ideas, comments and advice. 
Thank you so very much for taking the time to help

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Advice and Ideas

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