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Requiem (Grande Messe des Morts) Vocal Score

The Grande Messe des Morts, Op. 5 (or Requiem) by Hector Berlioz was composed in 1837. The Grande Messe des Morts is one of Berlioz's best-known works, with a tremendous orchestration of woodwind and brass instruments, including four antiphonal brass ensembles placed at the corners of the concert stage. This is an idea Berlioz derived from the colossal outdoor musical events, held on the Champ de Mars, that followed the first Revolution - these were vast public performances, forming part of the Revolutionary "Cult of the Supreme Being" that required massed wind instruments for purely logistical reasons, in order to ensure that everyone attending could hear the music. The work derives its text from the traditional Latin Requiem Mass. It has a duration of approximately ninety minutes, although there are faster recordings of under seventy-five minutes. If you wish to buy Berlioz's Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem), please click Vocal Scores and then FILTER BY COMPOSER, or see below for more.

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