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"Everything you need to learn to sing Handel Messiah"


We have endeavoured to put everything you need on this page so please scroll

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Learn to Sing Handel Messiah in 3 Easy Steps - if you are new to choral singing

ChoraLine - Learn Your Words

ChoraLine - Learn Your Notes

ChoraLine - Singing Set

Vocal Scores - All editions

Handel Messiah Performance CDs


Learn to Sing Handel's Messiah in 3 Easy Steps

We often hear people say they would love to sing Handel's Messiah but hesitate because they are concerned they cannot ‘read’ music.

3 Steps to Sing is the perfect solution - anyone can now learn, rehearse and sing at home so you feel confident you know the ‘words’ and ‘notes’ before your choir rehearsal and concert.





Please click on the part you wish to learn to see and hear a sample:

                   SOPRANO                                          ALTO

3 Steps to Sing    3 Steps to Sing


                     TENOR                                               BASS

  3 Steps to Sing   3 Steps to Sing


ChoraLine - Learn Your Words

We have made a CD/EasyPlay (stream & download) for each voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) with a professional singer singing the words with the correct pronunciation at the right pitch.

This is an excellent learning aid as you do not always have to be in a position to see the vocal score - for example use the CD in your car and just 'sing with singer' - you will soon find you know your words by heart and singing them at the right pitch!

Please click here to hear a sample


ChoraLine - Learn Your Notes

We have made a CD/EasyPlay (stream & download) for each voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) with your notes represented at the perfect pitch on an orchestral instrument:


Soprano : Flute

Alto : Oboe

Tenor : French Horn

Bass : Bassoon


This ensures you are singing your notes at the correct pitch - play your CD, follow in your vocal score and sing when the narrator cues you when to sing.

Please click here to hear a sample


ChoraLine - Singing Set

This is a set with both the 'Learn Your Words & 'Learn Your Notes' CDs included at a special price.

Please click on your voice part below:

Soprano   Alto   Tenor   Bass


Vocal Scores

There are many editions of vocal scores for Handel Messiah and we have shown the two most popular below - please click on the image for further information:


Novello - Edited by Watkins Shaw

This is the most frequently used edition all over the world with the words in English.



Novello - Edited by Ebenezer Prout

This is the best price.


Handel Messiah Performance CDs

It is very helpful to listen to a performance of the whole work being sung by a choir and we recommend this version which is conducted by Edward Higginbottom and has 4 stars in the Penguin Guide:

Soloists: Henry Jenkinson, Otta Jones, Robert Brooks (trebles)

Lestyn Davies (countertenor), Toby Spence (tenor), Eamonn Dougan (bass)

Chorus: The Choir of New College Oxford