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Learn to Sing Jenkins Gods of Olympus


ChoraLine voice part rehearsal CDs and MP3 files are learning tools, specifically created to help choral singers memorise their vocal line and practise between choir rehearsals.


Please click here if you wish to hear a sample of ChoraLine for Jenkins' Gods of Olympus for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Part.


You can use the MP3 file straight from your computer and also put onto your ipod/MP3 player if you wish. If you are new to downloading an MP3 file please click here for tips and a step-by-step guide.


Whichever is most convenient for you, there is ChoraLine rehearsal CD or MP3 file. 

The advantages of learning your voice part using a ChoraLine recording are: 

  • A narrator guides you with verbal signposts (using bar numbers and rehearsal letters) to ensure you don't get lost and to 'cue' your entry  
  • There is also a track listing (on the back of the CD cover or within the MP3 zip file) which lists the bar numbers and rehearsal letters, you can follow exactly where you are on the ChoraLine recording and in the vocal score
  • Hear and assimilate the music so it becomes second nature to sing
  • The vocal score becomes so much easier to follow for those of us who are not so proficient at sight reading
  • Rehearse in time with the music and learn at your own pace
  • Use the balance control on your stereo (or the graphic equaliser on your computer) to enhance or diminish your voice part.  Have your vocal line quite loud to start with and when you feel you know your part, test yourself by turning it right down
  • Focus on challenging sections by going over and over specific parts of a movement
  • Use as a 'pitch cue' for vocal entry
  • Practice hitting the notes until you are perfect
  • Far more enjoyable than unaccompanied note-bashing
  • Be prepared, having learnt your part in advance of rehearsal
  • Sing with more confidence and experience a higher level of achievement 

We are always delighted to receive letters and emails from singers saying how useful they have found ChoraLine and also suggestion on new pieces to produce. We are currently working on Verdi's 4 Sacred Pieces (which is very complex as it has 16 voice parts in the last movement) and Purcell's Dido and Aeneas which has been requested by three different choral societies:

"After having tried ChoraLine to learn the Messiah I have used it ever since for every piece we sing - it is brilliant!"
"I would just like to let you know how useful I found your wonderful learning CDs.  Our choir is working on 'Israel in Egypt' at the moment and I am using your CD for this as I have done for our previous six concerts"
"Many thanks for the excellent service for my Brahms Requiem CD which is a great help with such a difficult piece of music. Superbly done!"
"My download worked like a dream"
To find out more how ChoraLine can help you learn your voice part please watch the film and listen to the audio clip below.  There is also a free PDF download to print off which provides a step by step guide on how to learn your voice part.




Press PLAY to watch our story Free PDF Download
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