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Learn to Sing Rutter Requiem

Rutter, with cat Vocal Scores Choral


Learning your voice part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) in Rutter's Requiem does require you to dedicate some time to ensure you know the notes you are singing so you will sing with confidence and really enjoy fully contributing to your choir.

ChoraLine Rehearsal Recordings are learning tools specifically created for you learn to sing your part.  There are now 20,000 choral singers using ChoraLine every year and please do read through some of their testamonials below


ChoraLine Rehearsal Recordings

Quick and Easy way to memorise your vocal line and practise at home between choir rehearsals



Know Your Notes Perfectly

Enhance Your Enjoyment when Singing

Learn With The Music

Shine In Your Choir

Sing With Confidence




Please click the line you sing to hear a sample of how ChoraLine can help you learn Rutter's Requiem






ChoraLine voice part rehearsal CDs & EasyPlay (to use right away via Streaming and/or Downloading) are learning tools, specifically created to help you memorise your vocal line and practice between choir rehearsals.


Over 20,000 Singers Use ChoraLine Every Year


High Quality made by BBC Sound Engineer

Easy To Use narrator calls out when to sing

Don't Get Lost narrator calls out bar numbers

Be Pitch Perfect hear the notes for your part

Learn At Your Own Pace sing with the music 

Vocal Entry pitch cue for when you come in

Be Fully Prepared Sing with confidence


"Thank you for your wonderful Choraline"

"I am delighted with my rehearsal CD"

"I love learning with ChoraLine, thank you again"

"I must compliment you"

"Well done for a superb service"

"I have told everyone about your brilliant ChoraLine"

"We now have 22 of your CDs!" 




It is the attention to detail and the quality of the ChoraLine recordings (produced by Lloyd Silverthorne a top BBC sound engineer) which makes ChoraLine such a pleasure to use:

  • A narrator guides you with verbal signposts (using bar numbers and rehearsal letters) to ensure you don't get lost and to 'cue' your entry  
  • There is also a track listing (on the back of the CD cover or within the MP3 zip file) which lists the bar numbers and rehearsal letters, you can follow exactly where you are on the ChoraLine recording and in the vocal score
  • Hear and assimilate the music so it becomes second nature to sing
  • The vocal score becomes so much easier to follow for those of us who are not so proficient at sight reading
  • Rehearse in time with the music and learn at your own pace
  • Use the balance control on your stereo (or the graphic equaliser on your computer) to enhance or diminish your voice part.  Have your vocal line quite loud to start with and when you feel you know your part, test yourself by turning it right down
  • Focus on challenging sections by going over and over specific parts of a movement
  • Use as a 'pitch cue' for vocal entry
  • Practice hitting the notes until you are perfect
  • Far more enjoyable than unaccompanied note-bashing
  • Be prepared, having learnt your part in advance of rehearsal
  • Sing with more confidence and experience a higher level of achievement 




We are always delighted to receive letters and emails from singers saying how useful they have found ChoraLine and also suggestions for new works where ChoraLine would assist in learning their notes:

"After having tried ChoraLine to learn the Messiah I have used it ever since for every piece we sing - it is brilliant!"

"I would just like to let you know how useful I found your wonderful learning CDs.  Our choir is working on 'Israel in Egypt' at the moment and I am using your CD for this as I have done for our previous six concerts"
"Many thanks for the excellent service for my Brahms Requiem CD which is a great help with such a difficult piece of music. Superbly done!"
"My download worked like a dream"