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Choir Folders UK

Peterborough Choral Society with their new Black Choral Folders with Gold Logo

Welcome to Peterborough Choral Society


St Paul's Girl School  with their new Black Choir Folders with Silver Logo 


Truro Choral Society with their new Maroon Choral Folders with Gold Logo


The picture below shows the inside of a black choral folder with:

Vocal Score - Choir Folder Sleeves - Free ChoraLine Pencil - Owners Identity Card



Printed Folder                        Plain Folder

Our Choir Folders are available in Black, Navy and Maroon



We supply Plain and Printed choir folders in the UK and Europe to Choirs, Choral Societies, Schools, Universities and pride ourselves on having the experience and expertise to ensure all our customers are delighted with their new folders.


We have endeavoured to put everything about our choir folders on this page - please scroll down to see all the information or just click on these quick links:

Free Sample


Examples of Printed Choir Folders

Example of Artwork Proof

Choir Folder Description and Images

Choir Folder Lights

Choir Folder Sleeves

Choir Folder Prices - Guaranteed

Prices for Plain Folders

Prices for Printed Folders

Easy Process for Printed Choir Folders

How to Order


We do hope we have answered your questions but please email me (Andrew) or do call on 01285 644845 for further information and advice



We recommend all our customers request a free choir folder sample so you can check the folder is exactly what you need and to show any other decision makers within your choir.

We will send your folder today (First Class Post) and in most cases it arrives the very next day.

Your free choir folder also includes a pack of Choir Folder Sleeves which you may wish to consider ordering at the same time as your new folders.


Please let us know your address and the choir folder you wish to receive - Black, Navy, Maroon


Please request your free music folder by the most convenient way for you:

Online Form at the bottom of this page

Email Andrew 

Call 01285 644845 




Choir Folder Testamonials

"I, and the choir are absolutely delighted with the folders, the logo looks great.  Thank you for your brilliant service - I will be more than pleased to recommend you to anyone interested" Ian Lingwood from Chetnole Community Choir

"Excellent service and very professional look.  Choir are impressed and did'nt think they would look as good as they do!" James Wilder - Master of Singing & Choral Music

“Folders received this week and we love them! Thank you” Sue Williams from Bra-Vissima Choir

"Very good quality folders, all the features one wants, and very light" BARTS Choir - One of the oldest and largest choral societies in London

"I am emailing to confirm the folders arrived this afternoon.  They are great, thank you very much" Manchester Chorale

"The folders I ordered from you on behalf of Sheffield Oratorio Chorus have arrived and we are very pleased with them, thank you" Sheffield Oratorio Chorus

"Thank you so much for our new folders.  I must compliment you on your excellent prompt service"  Woodford Singers

"Just to let you know we received the folders last Monday and would like to thank you for your prompt attention to our order.

The folders are of excellent quality and our members are absolutely thrilled." Downley Descants


"Thank you for the choir folders – they are lovely" Email received from Elizabeth (Parish Church Choir)

"Folders have been safely delivered and the choir are delighted" Fran (School Community Choir)


Examples of Printed Choir Folders


Examples of the 'artwork proof' which is emailed to you prior to printing



Choir Folder Description and Images



  • Lightweight and stiff

  • See through pocket for owners name card and contact details

  • Made from durable polypropylene

  • Ten retention chords/strings welded to the spine for large scores 

  • Strong nylon pockets for small scores

  • The spine is wide enough to accept a Watkins Shaw Messiah score [one of the thickest], as well as Carmina Burana (one of the biggest)


  • Pencil loop - all orders receive a free Choraline pencil for every folder - the perfect size pencil with soft lead and rubber on top!


  • Closure Stud

  • 32.5cm x 25cm

  • Expandable Hand Strap on Folder Spine - perfect to hold folder with one hand to turn the pages with the other


  • Choir Folder Lights can be ordered separately with bulk order discounts,please click here for details

  • Single sheets of printed music are best held in our Choir Folder Sleeves which can be ordered seperately with bulk order discounts.  

  • A sample of our folder sleeves will be included with you free sample folder - If you wish to see a sample folder and sleeve please complete the form at the bottom of this page or call Andrew on 01285 644845 or and we will send one to you first class post (free of charge) today.

The picture below shows the choir folder holding a full vocal score, a set of choir folder sleeves with single sheets of printed music, a ChoraLine pencil in the holding loop and the owners name card with a see through pocket.


To make it quick and easy for everyone (with no need to wait for quotes) we have shown our guaranteed prices below.

If you do manage to find a lower price or purchasing folders for a charity or there are special circumstances please do contact us as we are always keen to help in any way we can. 



For 10 to 100 folders - Black, Navy Maroon

The total price shown includes UK delivery and VAT so there are no extra costs. 

10 £66.50
11 £72.20
12 £77.90
13 £83.60
14 £89.30
15 £95.00
16 £100.70
17 £106.40
18 £112.10
19 £117.80
20 £123.50
21 £129.20
22 £134.90
23 £140.60
24 £146.30
25 £152.00
26 £157.70
27 £163.40
28 £169.10
29 £174.80
30 £180.50
31 £186.20
32 £191.90
33 £197.60
34 £203.30
35 £209.00
36 £214.70
37 £220.40
38 £226.10
39 £231.80
40 £237.50
41 £231.40
42 £236.80
43 £242.20
44 £247.60
45 £253.00
46 £258.40
47 £263.80
48 £269.20
49 £274.60
50 £280.00
51 £285.40
52 £290.80
53 £296.20
54 £301.60
55 £307.00
56 £312.40
57 £317.80
58 £323.20
59 £328.60
60 £334.00
61 £339.40
62 £344.80
63 £350.20
64 £355.60
65 £361.00
66 £366.40
67 £371.80
68 £377.20
69 £382.60
70 £388.00
71 £393.40
72 £398.80
73 £404.20
74 £409.60
75 £415.00
76 £420.40
77 £425.80
78 £431.20
79 £436.60
80 £442.00
81 £447.40
82 £452.80
83 £458.20
84 £463.60
85 £469.00
86 £474.40
87 £479.80
88 £485.20
89 £490.60
90 £496.00
91 £501.40
92 £506.80
93 £512.20
94 £517.60
95 £523.00
96 £528.40
97 £533.80
98 £539.20
99 £544.60
100 £550.00


A choir folder with your emblem, crest or logo printed on the front cover:


Single Colour Print

Minimum Order : 25 Folders and Price Per Folder : £6.90

Screen-Print Set up charge: £25

These prices already have VAT and Courier Delivery included.


Two Colour Print

Minimum Order : 25 Folders and Price Per Folder : £7.65

Screen-Print Set up charge: £35

These prices already have VAT and Courier Delivery included.



1.  Email saying how many folders you would like and (if possible) a jpeg file of your logo

2. We will then email you a proof so you can check all is correct or request amendments

3. We will arrange the printing and delivery of your new folders via courier

4. When you have received your folders and confirm all is fine we email an invoice with 15 day payment terms


HOW TO ORDER - please choose the most convenient  for you

1.  Please complete the On-Line Form below

2.  Email

3.  Telephone 01285 644845


If you have any questions or wish to have a chat about any of the above please do call us on 01285 644845 and we will be delighted to help - best wishes, Andrew


Andrew - Choraline's Choir Folder Expert

Tel 01285 644845

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