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Learn to Sing Handel Messiah

Learn to Sing Handel Messiah - Today!


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Handel Messiah is a wonderful piece of choral music to learn to sing but does require you dedicate some time to ensure you feel confident in the words and notes of your specific vocal line (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) prior to attending your first choir rehearsal.
Most choral directors are very appreciative when singers have taken the time to learn their voice part as this means they can focus on directing the whole choir rather than spending too much time teaching the words and notes to individual sections within the choir.
During the rehearsal period and building up to the actual concert it is also very worthwhile to practice at home so your words and notes become second nature to sing.
ChoraLine learning tools are created specifically to help you achieve these aims.
Our flagship learning tool 'Sing Handel Messiah' (available in a digital format to use right away or as a set to receive in the post) is described below:


Everything you need to learn to Sing Handel Messiah



- comprises of components:


  1. Rehearsal Score (Sheet Music)

  2. Learn Your Words (Audio)

3. Learn Your Notes (Audio)

4. Rehearse with the Choir (Audio)




1. Rehearsal Score  (Sheet Music)

Very easy to follow as only shows the words and notes for your voice part, correlates exactly with the audio recordings showing bar numbers at the start of every line, rehearsal letters, musical symbol explanations, track numbers and time line so you never get lost! 


Bar Numbers at the start of every line - Rehearsal Letters throughout - Musical Symbol explanations - Track Numbers from the recordings - Time Line from the recordings




2. Learn your 'Words'  (Audio)


Perfectly sung by a professional singer - Sing with the singer to learn your words

- Narrator calls out when you come in




3.  Learn your 'Notes' (Audio)


Played at the perfect pitch - Sing to learn your notes

- Narrator calls out when you come in




4. Rehearse Singing in a Choir (Audio)


Listen to a whole choir singing Handel Messiah perfectly - Only Includes the SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) Chorus Parts

- Listen out for your voice part and rehearse singing with the Choir




Start singing right away - FREE TRIAL of the whole first movement 'And the glory of the Lord'



It is very helpful to have a hard copy of the Rehearsal Score (sheet music) to

write notes on and refer to whilst learning your part.  You can easily print a copy - please click ALTO SOPRANO

for a sample of the whole first movement 


Please click below on your voice part if you wish to order

the whole of Handel Messiah and start singing today






Singing Set



Order by 3pm to catch today's post  ALTO   SOPRANO

 - Rehearsal Score - CD1 Learn your Words - CD2 Learn Your Notes - CD3 Rehearse with the Choir - Vocal Score Bookmark - Keepsafe Wallett - Choral Singers Pencil - 


Free Gift Included - Unique DVD which shows your notes and words changing in time with the music



Order by 3pm to catch today's post  ALTO   SOPRANO




Singing Sets are also available with a full vocal score included and are listed below:






with 'Prout' Vocal Score (NOV070134)

and DVD Free Gift



Order by 3pm to catch today's post






with 'Watkins Shaw' Vocal Score (NOV070137)

and DVD Free Gift


  Order by 3pm to catch today's post






The Joy of Singing Handel Messiah


'Messiah' is the most sung choral work in the world, with words in English and clearly

defined movements - it is actually much easier to learn to sing than many people realise

If this is your first time of singing Handel Messiah or even if you have sung before, one thing is for certain that you need to be confident in your 'words', your 'notes' and when you 'come in' so you can fully contribute to the choir and really enjoy the whole experience.

With everyone in the choir having such a key role throughout Messiah there is hardly a moment to pause, and then there is the superb 'Hallelujah Chorus' which will leave you breathless and high as a kite!






We have been producing rehearsal recordings for choral singers for over 20 years and SING HANDEL MESSIAH is now our flagship learning aid - for the first time we have combined the sheet music (rehearsal score) with three rehearsal recordings.


"Thank you for your new Sing Handel Messiah - I LOVE it"

Elizabeth from Truro Choral Society


"I am delighted with my Singing Set and thank you for sending so quickly"

Katherine from Barts Choir London


".. It is excellent and the 3 CDs are so very clear and easy to follow"